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Wireless Remote Tank Monitoring


Knight Propane provides remote tank monitoring service with a tank mounted sensor that can be accessed with a mobile or computer application. This app shows both the tank capacity reading plus a graph showing propane usage.


Accurately monitor your tank level!

With the advanced wireless monitoring system trying to guess tank levels is now a thing of the past. Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone.

Key characteristics of the system:

1. Accurately track the level of your tank in real-time from anywhere.
2. Consult your usage for the past 3 months in the blink of an eye.
3. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when your tank reaches configurable and pre-determined levels.
4. With just one tap, contact your fuel supplier to request service or a refill.
5. Monitor and manage multiple tanks from one account.
6. Share access to data with up to 3 users.

This view shows an actual tank reading of 61% full.

Here is how an actual usage graph appears.

And, when the app shows that your tank is getting low, you can easily call us for a refill!



By combining our tank monitoring system with our Auto-fill program, you can experience worry-free gas availability. We monitor your propane levels and supply when needed!


Auto-Fill requires a simple agreement. Give us a call to find out how to start on the road to less hassle and stress.