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(Saturday deliveries in cold season only and by special appointment)

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We cover a large area of north Texas surrounding our offices in Weatherford. Click on the button below to examine that area in more detail.

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The table below lists other savings available.

100 GallonsStandard low price (call for current price)
150+ Gallons10 cent per gallon discount
300+ Gallons20 cent per gallon discount
Auto-Fill 10 cent per gallon discount
(We will keep your tank full and charge your credit card - Requires signed agreement)
Group DiscountsSchedule your delivery with 2 or more of your neighbors so everyone saves
Referral Rewards Refer a new customer and get $25 towards your next propane purchase of 100 gallons or more
Volume DiscountsPurchase 150 gallons or more (See pricing chart)


superior service and safety

All new customers get a free gas safety check. Out of gas? We do the mandatory leak test for free (limit 2 per household).


We enjoy a low operating overhead - which means we can pass along these savings to you in the form of lower basic prices. Check our bonus savings also.

family atmosphere

We are not a faceless mega-business which treats customers as numbers. We are on a name basis with our customers just like family.

 Questions? We have answers.

Frequent Questions Answered

WHO are we?

family owned and operated

Knight Propane is a family-owned business based in Weatherford, Texas. The Knights are multi-generational Parker County natives. Leslie and Sherry Knight grew up in Weatherford and raised their own family in the Greenwood/Brock area where they volunteered with the fire department and school, and continue to perform other volunteer community services.

invested in the community

 By being active in the community, the owners of Knight Propane have come to know what is important to the families in the area. “At Knight Propane we understand families in our area want to save money on utilities, while ensuring the safety and comfort of loved ones. We also realize that friendly service is an expectation we all share.”

we know our customers

“Therefore, we pride ourselves in bringing our customers top quality propane at the best possible price and with the highest level of service. We are all about saving you the most money. However, we do more than just deliver lower cost gas; we also take the time to perform free safety inspections for all new customers because your family’s safety is our top priority. If you have propane needs, please give us a call!”

business hours:

Hours: M-F 8AM-6PM
Sat 10AM-2PM

(Saturday deliveries in cold season only and by special appointment)

what our customers say...

This is the best place in Parker County for propane . Great Prices, Friendly , and excellent customer service . Highly recommend !!

Dustin Lee

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I received same day service. With that came a great price and excellent customer service. Will gladly recommend to friends.

Randall Morse

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Great customer service. They worked me in the SAME DAY. I was out of propane completely and on a limited budget. I will be a repeat customer and support this local business because the big guys can’t touch this small company’s heart and service!

Tessa Victoria Mays

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We have been doing business with Leslie and Sherry for several years and their quality of service is the best we have had hands down! They are great people that just happen to sell propane!

Nick Roark

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Can’t recommend Knight Propane enough. They have quick, reliable and the most reasonably priced services. Thank you for all that you do for your customers! They are always just a phone call away.

Nikkie Ellis

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I use Knight Propane’s bottle filling station to fill all my BBQ grill containers. They are always friendly and courteous. The best part is the price! They provide the best price and service in town.

Jeff Bond

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Knight Propane is awesome. I went out of town for a few days and got back today. Checked on my propane at 9:15 tonight and was at 12% so I called intending to leave a message hoping that they can get to me Saturday or Monday and they were super sweet and answered the phone and they are coming out first thing Saturday morning. Please call them for your propane needs.

Shelby Crutsinger

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If you have done business with Knight Propane, we would greatly appreciate your feedback to let us know how we’re doing.

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Propane safety

As a valued future propane customer, please take notice of this propane safety information.

What to do if you smell gas:

  • Extinguish all open flames, and immediately leave any area where propane fumes are present.
  • Avoid touching electrical switches or appliances or using land-line telephones when a leak is suspected.
  • If you know how, go to your propane system storage vessel, open the tank hood, and close the vapor service valve.  Then, contact a qualified technician for assistance. 
  • Leave the door open and go outside to use a cell phone or use a neighbor’s phone to call a qualified technician for assistance.

·Propane is heavier than air. The vapor will descend to the lowest point, for example, a basement. Avoid these area when a leak is suspected.
·Never tamper with your system’s supply lines.
·Never tamper with any safety devices, regulators, or storage tank fittings.
·Never use an open flame, to test for propane leaks.
·Have your propane system checked if you have symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: headaches, dizziness, loss of muscular control, vomiting, and watering eyes.
·Never use range burners as space heaters.
·Never use propane heaters or barbeque grills that are not intended for indoor use.
·Have all propane appliances tested regularly by a qualified technician.
·Make sure there is plenty of ventilation.
·Carbon Monoxide detectors are recommended and are available at most hardware stores.

Propane System Installation, Modification, or Repair:
WARNING: Propane is a flammable gas. The installation, modification, or repair of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system by a person who is not licensed or registered to install, modify, or repair an LPG system may cause injury, harm, or loss. Contact a person licensed to install, modify, or repair an LPG system. A person licensed to install or repair an LPG system may not be liable for damages caused by the modification of an LPG system by an unlicensed person except as otherwise provided by applicable law.

Other Safety Tips: Close

Propane safety videos

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Propane Delivery

We need your email for quotes, receipts, and other important information
If your property access is by a gate or lock, we need the current access code for delivery.

Please allow up to two business days for a reply. If you don’t see a reply or if you need an answer sooner, then please give us a call.

Tank Installation and Service

Email needed for quotes


Refill your grill, RV, and forklift cylinders. We sell, refill, and recertify cylinders.

2915 Ranger Hwy

Hours: M-F 8AM-6PM, Sat 10AM-2PM



These are the areas of north Texas we service. If you are located close to the edge of the border, please call us to see if we cover your exact address.


      • Parker County
      • Hood County (partial)
      • Tarrant (partial)


      • Weatherford
      • Peaster
      • Poolville
      • Springtown
      • Azle
      • Willow Park
      • Annetta
      • Aledo
      • Lipan
      • Dennis
      • Brock
      • Millsap
      • Adell/Whitt
      • Cool/Garner



Frequent Questions Answered:

Where does propane come from? Propane is a bi-product of both natural gas processing and crude oil refining in North America.
How long does propane keep?Propane’s shelf life is indefinite. It does not go bad and deteriorate like diesel, gasoline and other fuels, so it’s the perfect fuel for backup generators.
What size tank do I need?It depends. Some factors to consider are: what gas appliances you will have, the size of your home (if you are using propane to heat it) and how many people live in your house (especially if you are using propane for water heat). 250 and 500 gallon tanks are the most common. Call Knight Propane near Weatherford, Parker County TX at 817-565-5446 to discuss your unique needs.
How long will my propane last?
(for the nerds out there, 1 gallon of propane produces 90,000 BTU)
For the rest of us, it depends. Some factors to consider are: what gas appliances you have, the size of your home (if you are using propane to heat it) and how many people live in your house (especially if you use propane for water heat). If you only use propane to cook, 100 gallons may last you a year or more; but if you heat your home with propane you may need a delivery each month (or more often) in the coldest part of winter. Call us at 817-565-5446 to discuss your unique situation.
How much does propane cost?The cost of propane is complex, fluctuating alongside other commodities. Demand for propane also impacts its price. If you’re in or near the east border of Parker County, call Knight Propane at 817-565-5446 for our current price per gallon. We consistently offer very competitive pricing along with the best service so you’ll always get the most value with Knight Propane.
How much does it cost to get a propane tank installed?There are numerous factors to consider including the: tank size, distance of plumbing, gas appliances in your home, whether you will have an above ground or underground tank, and the condition of the soil. Call Knight Propane at 817-565-5446 for a free, no obligation, estimate based on your unique situation. We even offer free site visits to provide you with the most accurate quote. Knight Propane consistently offers very competitive pricing along with superior service so you’ll be sure you’re getting the very best deal.
Are underground or above ground tanks better?It’s mostly a matter of personal preference. Each has its benefits and disadvantages:
• Some HOA communities require underground installations for aesthetics.
• In Texas, underground tanks are protected against the severe heat of the sun, so they are less likely to lose gas due to the pressure relief valve opening because of expanding gas.
• Underground tanks do not need to be repainted.
• Any propane leak would likely be safely absorbed by the ground (Propane is clean and does not contaminate soil and underground water.)
• Underground installations are more expensive
• Underground installations require anode bags to be installed as cathodic protection (to prevent deterioration from underground current in the soil), and periodic testing of the cathodic protection.
Above ground:
• Less expensive (The tank itself it less expensive and installation does not require expensive excavation.)
• Does not require frequent testing and the expense of new anode bags
• Some consider above ground tanks unsightly, but they can be disguised with landscaping.
• May need to be repainted after several years depending on the level of sun exposure
• Could experience a release of some propane gas due to the opening of the pressure relief valve especially during 100+ degree days
Is propane safe?Propane is a safe, reliable and clean energy source. As with any fuel, it’s important to understanding how to properly use and store propane, as well as how to detect warning signs of a gas leak. One safety feature of propane is its strong skunk or rotten egg smell. Ethyl mercaptan is added to propane, which is naturally odorless, so that it can be detected if you have a leak. Homeowners should be are aware of basic safety tips. Installing a propane gas detector is also recommended. Knight Propane provides a free gas safety check for new customers and provides safety information for your family. You can also view our safety tips section on our website.
How do I get propane service?Easy! Just give us a call at 817-565-5446 or fill out the form on this website. We’ll get some basic information from you and arrange to come out when you’re home for your free gas safety check and to fill your tank. We have modern technology solutions that make your life easy and we offer several service options. You can choose whether to contact us when you need gas or have us monitor your tank for you and auto-fill it so you don’t have to think about it.
Where can I get my portable propane cylinder (tank) refilled?2915 Ranger Hwy, Weatherford, TX 76088 If your cylinder is in good condition (no heavy rust, pitting, gouges, dents, leaks, or other defects we can recertify it. If it needs a new valve we can take care of that as well.
When should I order propane?As soon as your gauge is reading below 40% (assuming you have at least a 250 gallon tank), you will hold 100 gallons and you can order propane. However, Knight Propane offers substantial discounts when you get at least 150 gallons or at least 300 gallons at a time. Call us at 817-565-5446 when your gauge is at 20% and ask for a fill-up to receive the very best price. Better yet… See if you qualify for our Auto-fill program to get the best deal without having to worry about your tank level.
What is the minimum amount of propane I can have delivered?Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons. (We make an exception for a 420lb / 120 gallon tank because we don’t want you to run completely out of gas. If you have a 420lb / 120 gallon tank, your gauge must be at or below 10% to order and the minimum delivery in that case is 90 gallons.)
What are the dimensions of the most common size propane tanks?Water Capacity | Leg Spacing | Diameter | Length | Height

250 gallon | 60" | 30" | 7'10" | 3'3"
500 gallon | 60" | 30" | 9'11" | 3'10"
1000 gallon | 121" | 41" | 16' | 4'2"
100 gal vertical | N/A | 30" | N/A | 4'6"

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